Chillingo’s Pirate’s Treasure Updated! (New Trailer)

Angry Mob Games (Guerrilla Bob, Predators) were brought on-board to help Game Lab knock their fun dual-stick shooter Pirates Treasure into shape just in time for an exciting new update. This version adds a clutch of extra levels, unlockable booty and a ferocious Boss enemy, while pint-sized warmonger Guerrilla Bob makes a special guest appearance, blasting his way through a shiny new stage!

We quite enjoyed the initial release of Pirate’s Treasure, calling it a “veritable treasure trove of great ideas” and “a worthy addition to Chillingo’s line up of dual-stick shooters.” The game received a none too shabby 3.5/5 score. Pirate’s Treasure is available right now from the App Store at the cut down price of only 99 cents.

Updated Pirate’s Treasure Features Include:

  • Two New Levels for 1st Generation and 3rd Generation versions of the game!
  • 11 Swashbuckling new stages to conquer!
  • Awesome new Minigun and Dual Shotgun weapons
  • Brand new gameplay modes
  • New Destructive Item: Bombs!
  • An army of fearsome new enemies
  • Different Quests (Such as Escort Quests)
  • A Totally New Boss
  • Upgraded Shop
  • Improved and Fine-tuned the Balance for Older Levels