Chillingo’s Vampire Origins Unleashed!

Chillingo have just been in touch to let us know their long awaited survival horror romp Vampire Origins has just been submitted to the Appstore. Playing as Vincent, a vampire hunter out for revenge on the monster that murdered his beloved (and anyone else who gets in his way natch), the game promises to deliver a bloodthirsty blend of story-driven hacking, slashing and shooting.

We can also now shed some further light on what to expect gameplay-wise from this superb looking beast…

  • Take control of Vincent in the most intense survival horror ever to hit the iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Dark gothic atmosphere with exquisite 3D environments.
  • Detailed character models and gripping realism.
  • Four weapons available to fend off the vampiric hordes.
  • Thrilling boss fights based on actual sword fighting techniques.
  • Multiple control methods: Dual-stick or touchscreen interface.
  • Three stages of detailed story-driven gameplay, or try your luck in Survival Mode.
  • Full Crystal integration including challenges, achievements leaderboards and social networking.