Christmas Has Come to ‘MU Origin’ in the Latest Update

MU Origin has just received a festive update, that spreads some holiday cheer to your favourite mobile MMORPG.

Before we get onto the Christmas stuff though, the most exciting features are the raised level cap and massive new PvP format.

You can now hit Rebirth 12 level 100 and battle your way through 10 more floors of the Endless Tower. You can only access those new floors when you hit the new level cap.

Then there’s that new PvP mode that provides large scale action with 40 players competing to destroy each other’s bases. This is available from Rebirth 6.

But back to Christmas for a second. To celebrate, developer Webzen has released a brand new pet called Snow and, as you can expect, a Santa outfit.

Speaking of outfits, there’s a new way to keep track of them. You can head on over to your wardrobe and sift through all unlocked costumes to equip.

Wrapping up the update, is a Guild Diplomacy system that lets you ally with another guild for added rewards. Your guild has to be over level five to participate.

You can also equip your characters with various new accessories that provide extra buffs, and an Emblem that, when activated, makes you temporarily immune to status effects.

MU Origin is a mobile reimagining of the PC MMORPG franchise. It’s influenced by action RPGs like Diablo, and provides a ton of action packed combat.

Aside from that, this is an MMORPG if you know and love it. You’ll grind through enemies to level up, equip new gear, and complete a bunch of quests.

MU Origin is out right now in the App Store and Google Play. The latest MU Origin trailer has been released today, and what the newest update includes is now available in video form on the official WEBZEN YouTube channel here.