‘Chroma Squad’ Reaches Initial Kickstarter Goal


Good news, everyone, the Kickstarter for Behold Studios’ Super Sentai themed RPG Chroma Squad (our previous coverage) has since reached the minimum required funding in order for production to commence. While the money in the pot is currently sitting at nearly $70k, it is not yet the time to stop donating since the developers have a bevy of stretch goals lined up should the funds keep growing! I also want to remind everyone that the game will have exclusive story chapters only made available to those who back the project, meaning this will be your only chance to ever acquire the 100% complete experience.

First up – should the project manage to crest the $80k mark – the developers have promised to add a number of single hero chapters to the game, these levels will specifically pay homage to Japan’s various Kamen Rider series. If $110k is reached then Behold Studios will add something even far more interesting: an episode creation suite; these tools would enable users to create their own story chapters – writing all their own dialogue, and scripting their own cinematics – which could then be shared with others online. The addition of such a feature would massively extend the longevity of Chroma Squad well beyond what was found in Knights of Pen & Paper (our review), so let’s see if we can all band together and make this become a reality!