‘Chroma Squad’ Succesfully Funded!


In case you haven’t been paying attention lately, Behold Studios – the people behind the amazing Knights of Pen & Paper (our review) – recently held a Kickstarter to get a new game project off the ground. Chroma Squad was proposed as a mix of tactical Strategy RPG action, Super Sentai sensibilities, and the signature fourth wall bending wonkiness that Behold Studios has become known for. While they asked the gaming community only for a mere $55k in order to get their next project up and running, the gaming community game them nearly double that with a whopping $97k!

Thanks to this the developers have expanded their original plans to include extra story stages involving lone motorcycle riding heroes, an obvious homage to Japan’s various Kamen Rider TV series. Had the project reached a staggering $110k the Brazilian wonder programmers would have released a fully functional level creation toolkit to the masses, but I guess not every dream is meant to be. Anyways – assuming all progresses according to plan – you can all look forward to getting your color coordinating grooves on sometime around June 2014, at which point you can begin looking for five teenagers with attitude!