Cinemate Lets You Create a Watchlist and Share Your Favorite Movies

We need to talk about Netflix. We need to talk about Prime, too, as well as HBO Max, Disney+, and the ever-growing number of streaming services and TV channels at your disposal.

There are too many movies on them. It’s impossible to choose just one from the literally countless options on offer. We’ve all sat down to watch a film only to spend half the evening scrolling through thumbnails, before giving up and going to bed. 

Throw another person into the mix and the problem is multiplied. Not only are you on a futile quest to find something to watch, but in the unlikely event that you make a decision your companion has to agree or you’re back to square one. It’s a real 21st century syndrome. 

And Cinemate is the cure. This ingenious little curation tool from developers Daniel Godber and James Wolfe will help you streamline and rationalise your movie tastes, as well as share them with your friends to help you find common ground. 

It’s like Tinder for movies. The app serves up film after film, and you simply swipe left or right to either send a film you’re not interested in to the virtual trash, or add one you like the look of to your watchlist. 

Each movie listing comes with its own user rating and summary, too, so you’ve got all the information you need to make a call. 

You can review your watchlist at any time in search of inspiration, and – better still – you can share it with other Cinemate users to help you cross-reference your picks and find something you’re both into. 

Exchanging watchlists couldn’t be easier. There’s a button for sharing your list in all the usual ways – email, text, WhatsApp, etc – and you can share it with a QR code too. Carefully curated lists of awesome films are just a wave of your smartphone away.

You can download Cinemate for free right now on the iOS App Store.