Cinemaware Set to Revamp Another of Their Classic Games with ‘Rocket Ranger Reloaded’


Fresh on the heels of their successful gambit to revitalize Wings, whose remastered edition will soon be available on the iOS, the people at Cinemaware are ready to revamp yet another one of their classic games: Rocket Ranger! Paying homage to old black and white movie serials, Rocket Ranger told the tale of a secret agent — equipped only with a Jet Pack and a Uranium Pistol — as he fought desperately to save the future of everyone! Due to the discovery of a rare lunar mineral in Tibet, a grim future now exists where the Nazis won WW2; thankfully — however — people from that future have managed to send advanced technology back in time to help you end this dark reality before it ever starts.

This particular revamp project — entitled Rocket Ranger Reloaded — aims to go beyond merely updating the original’s visuals and plot, and furthermore plans to include numerous new subplots — futuristic gadgets — and game play section types as well. However — fans of the original need to fret not — for all of the content they originally loved will still be there, but now displayed in majestic — fully real time rendered — high definition 3D. The original Rocket Ranger’s now re-envisioned flight sections — of particular note — as especially looking promising so far, currently feeling to be very much in the same vein of on-rails shooter action as Nintendo’s classical Star Fox games.

d49fcc44379c4b78276ab9f988852b57_largeFurthermore returning will be the original game’s many strategic elements as well, for Rocket Ranger always was — and will continue to be — more than just a simple shoot ’em up experience. The key dilemma in using amazing technology from the future, that hasn’t been invented yet, is that there isn’t exactly anyone on Earth that owns Jetpack Fuel yet — except for the Nazis, that is — meaning that each move will have to carefully calculated! Therefore agents must be dispatched to discover where the Nazi’s secret Lunarium Research Facilities are hiding (all while the Fuhrer’s conquest plans continue to march forward) in order sure that you don’t waste precious fuel when you finally do take flight.

Unfortunately — in order to bring the game that won the 1989 Golden Joystick award to a whole new generation — Cinemaware is going to need a lot of development capital, leading to their request for $89,999 in development funds from Kickstarter’s community. Of this figure, over $33k has so far been secured — with an astounding 22 days still remaining — meaning that the odds of our hero finding enough Lunarium to take flight before the Nazi regime strikes are currently looking to be quite promising. However, should the Rocket Ranger’s mysterious future benefactors — i.e.: Kickstarter Backers — provide him with a whopping $100k in funding, then he’ll take flight on the iOS as well!

Currently a donation of just $19 dollars is all that’s needed for one to ensure their very own launch day copy of Rocket Ranger Reloaded on the PC, which is expected to arrive around September of next year. Meanwhile — for even more generous scientists from the future — expanded backer rewards include: Complete soundtracks (both old and new), Amiga style packaging, Beta access, PDFs of the original comic books, and much more! However — for those most impeccably dedicated to preventing a Nazi controlled future — the ultimate backer package includes thing such as: your likeness appearing within the game itself, and even a leather replica of the Rocket Ranger’s jacket (Price Tag: $10k)!

Those interested in helping to prevent a Nazi controlled future — and furthermore ensure that the Rocket Ranger even brings his salvation to iOS users everywhere — must remember to pitch-in before December 17th, or else the Third Reich’s plans will succeed.