Cinemaware Take to Kickstarter to Raise Funding for ‘Wings: Remastered Edition’


Many of you reading this are probably not old enough to remember a certain Amiga classic called Wings, a hybrid arcade action/flight sim – featuring World War I dogfights – from the people over at Cinemaware. As with all of Cinemaware’s titles from back in the day – such as Defender of the Crown, Rocket Ranger, and It Came From the Desert – the game featured a heavy emphasis on cinematic presentation and storytelling. This amalgamation of gameplay, storytelling, and high production values led to Wings receiving many rave reviews back when it first launched an entire 23 whopping years ago.

24345c824e746ec0ea5bf6475ffdc691_largeIn this day and age one would immediately expect that any game performing that well would immediately launch a long line of sequels, but not a single thing has been done with the Wings brand since its stellar debut. However – fear not – for the Cinemaware gang has finally decided its high time they did something to rectify this oversight, and thusly they are now working on an HD-Remake promised to contain all 230 missions from the original. As proof of their efforts, the team has already released an entirely free five stage demo – showcasing the updated 3D visuals and mission types – so that everyone can see exactly how they aim to bring this classic back to life.

Of course – as always – the bitter truth of game development is that it’s an extremely expensive undertaking, and to that end the Cinemaware staff has launched a Kickstarter to raise a grand total of $85k. While this amount is necessary just to create an updated PC edition of the decades old classic, they have furthermore said they will produce an iOS port if they can reach their stretch goal set at $115k.* Cinemaware has even vowed that all of our their backers will be properly thanked, with the listed rewards including: emulated copies of the original game (which will also run on the iOS), T-Shirts, movie style posters, sew-on patches, actual iron crosses, graphic novels, and more.

To anyone who now has the desire to jump into a Sopwith Camel, and feel the wind blowing as you hunt down the infamous Red Baron, do keep in mind that the funding deadline has been set to December 10th.

*Update: Since publication, the iOS version of Wings: Remastered has gone from a stretch goal to a guaranteed part of the initial funding goal. Awesome news!