Feature Image for our news on Clash of Clans Lunar New Year. It features various characters from COC.

Here Is What’s In Store For Clash of Clans Lunar New Year 2024!

Keeping up with the annual traditions, Clash of Clans is gearing up for its Lunar New Year event this year. Building on the success of last year’s event, this year’s celebration is also packed with cool features, challenges and brand-new rewards. Follow along as we spill all the details of Clash of Clans Lunar New Year for you!

New Event Troops

Clash of Clans Lunar New Year has new event-themed troops. First up, is Water Dragon, a mythical troop much like the Lunar Year Dragon. It’s quite vibrant with light purple, blue and pink. It shoots water balls at a bunch of buildings at once, moving like the Electro Dragon but a bit slower with higher damage.

Then, there’s the Firecracker, a troop you easily recognise if you’re a Clash Royale fan. This ranged troop targets both air and ground units, shooting fireworks straight ahead. Each shot does damage, and just like in Clash Royale, there’s a pushback effect after each blast.

You can grab the Lunar New Year Champion skin with the Gold Pass and the Warden skin in the LNY event pass. The Dragon Skin-set with the King and Queen skins are up for grabs already in the shop at $9.99 each, along with the other two skins.

COC dropped the Hero Equipment in the December 2023 update, so you can spot more of that gear in the event shop. To get in on the fun, just hit up the event building close to the Trader’s Shop in your Home Village. It’s all decked out with blue-themed decorations.

When Is It Happening?

Well, official details about the Clash of Clans Lunar New Year event for 2024 are still under wraps. It’s most likely to drop in early February as this year’s Lunar New Year Day is on February 10. Till then, check out the Trader’s Shop for the goodies I mentioned above. Don’t have the game? Grab it from the App Store before the LNY celebrations kick off!

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