Classic Adventure Simon the Sorcerer is On Sale on the App Store Right Now

Simon the Sorcerer is one of the best games from the classic era of the point-and-click adventure. And right now you can save a couple of bucks on it on the App Store. Really, you don’t have any excuse not to do that. Unless you’ve already bought it.

The game sees you playing the hapless Simon, a kid who’s tasked with saving a famous wizard and saving the world. Cue plenty of hilarity, logic puzzles and brilliant dialogue. If you like the Monkey Island games, you’re going to love this.

The mobile version, which was released to coincide with the game’s 20th anniversary, features updated controls to make the whole thing smoother on touchscreen devices, as well as some graphical tweaks. Here’s a trailer.

The game is packed full of laughs, and while it hasn’t exactly aged brilliantly, it’s still among the finest point-and-click adventures that you can play on your iPhone or iPad. Seriously, it’s just really good.

Normally Simon the Sorcerer would set you back $4.99, but right now you can pick it up for just $2.99. You can click here to take advantage of this excellent deal.