‘Classic CRPG-styled’ QuestLord hits later this Summer, here’s a new Trailer

Veteran indie developer Eric Kinkead was just in touch to share some details about his upcoming retro-styled RPG. It goes by the name QuestLord and will almost certainly appeal to anyone wrinkly enough to remember the ‘Golden Age’ of CRPGs.

QuestLord is a new turn-based Role Playing Game in the classic style of the legendary Computer Role Playing Games that defined the genre. Everything you loved about the old boxed CRPGs of the past is now present, minus the super long loading times. Players will create a character in the role of the one who seeks to be the QuestLord and end the wars of the Elf Lords to restore the realms of Alteus to peace and prosperity.”

Eric plans to release QuestLord in late Summer 2012 on iOS, while Android, Kindle Fire, and Nook versions of the game will follow soon after. Check out QuestLord.com for more juicy details (including additional screenshots and some video footage of the game running on a couple of different iDevices) and be sure to follow the developer (@LavaLevel) on Twitter too.