‘Cloud Spin’ Celebrates Its New Universal Update with an Unmissable Price Drop


Skytrain Studios’ breathtakingly beautiful flight sim Cloud Spin was just given a universal update, meaning iPhone and iPod touch owners can finally give this formerly iPad-only title a whirl. In celebration of the new update, Skytrain have temporarily reduced Cloud Spin’s price to 99¢. This half-off sale will run from now until March 13th, according to the press release we received.

If you’re still on the fence about giving Cloud Spin a whirl, you might want to check out Nathan Reinauer’s pretty glowing review from last September. In it, he had this to say about the game: “…it sure is pretty. And fun. And challenging. This is a world you’ll love to spend time in, even if a small fraction of that time is spent in frustration.” It’s also worth noting that a fair few of the (admittedly minor) criticisms Nathan had back then have been addressed by the developers in subsequent updates.

Oh, and the generous folks at Skytrain Studios also sent us some prizes to give away, so stay tuned for a Cloud Spin contest in the coming days!