Featured image for Clover Games Heaven Hells. It shows the poster of the upcoming game Heaven Hells which has a girl with flowing hair. On the left, there is some Korean text.

Clover Games Heaven Hells, A New Game Launching In 2025

Are you a fan of the games ‘Lord of Heroes’ and ‘#Me’? If yes, then hold your breath! The developers of these games, Clover Games have announced that they will be launching their third game. Clover Games Heaven Hells will hit iOS and Androids in 2025. Although not much has been disclosed about the game yet, we can bet it will be worth a try.

What’s The Scoop?

Clover Games has recently raised 15 billion Won, approximately 11.5 million USD, in a series B funding. This means that the developers are seeking to develop more games and enhance the existing ones. And the top on their list is Heaven Hells, a new IP game that will narrate the story of a girl who can create hope in the midst of destruction.

As of now, the developers have released a poster and a poetic introduction for Clover Games Heaven Hells (in classic Korean style!). Here’s an excerpt from the poem:

‘In a world where countless trials and adversities exist, your choices determine your present and future. And decides all fates. A beautiful yet cruel world awaits you!’

I think it will be a strategy game like ‘Lord of Heroes’. I also hope that it’s free to play just like their other games. If you want to learn more about the upcoming game, head to their official website. Oh, and don’t forget to translate the page, that’s unless you’re fluent in Korean!

The Existing Games of Clover Games

Lord of Heroes is a fantasy turn-based RPG where you get to embark on a spectacular story and strategise as the Lord of a nation. It features immersive 3D anime graphics, which is their USP, unlike most other gacha or anime games. Check it out on the App Store.

#Me: 3D Avatar, Meet & Play is a role-playing game that takes place in the land of Estrella. You can indulge in fashion battles, go on adventures, and be an influencer within the virtual world of the game. Download it from the App Store and try it out.

Go on, try these two games out if you haven’t already. Let’s hope Clover Games Heaven Hells brings a ton of excitement with their new game. Also, have you tried Coromon yet? Check out this latest news on Coromon, the Pokemon alternative that is now available on iOS.