feature image for our clover retribution magic tier list, the image features a screenshot from the first area of the game, of a house supported by wooden beams sitting across the street, it is surrounded by lit torches, with a tree close by, and a large rock formation behind

Clover Retribution Magic Tier List

Wondering which magic type is best to obtain and utilise in Clover Retribution? Take a look at our Clover Retribution magic tier list which ranks every type of magic in the Roblox game from strongest to weakest.

Clover Retribution Tier List

Let’s rank the magic types! There aren’t many magical abilities to wield in the game at this current time, which is mainly due to the fact that Clover Retribution is in its alpha state right now. I expect more magic types will be added to the game in time with future updates!

  • S Tier: Void, World Tree
  • A Tier: Lightning, Slime
  • B Tier: Wind, Healing, Melody
  • C Tier: Fire
  • D Tier: No magic types in this tier right now!


If you’ve played a Roblox RPG before, you’ll be familiar with the concept of ability rarities. These rarities determine the overall chance of obtaining a certain magic type. The hardest to get are the Mythic and Legendary magic types, with Common and Uncommon being fairly easy to obtain.

Common: Healing and Melody

Uncommon: Wind

Rare: Slime and Fire

Epic: Lightning

Legendary: Void

Mythic: World Tree

What is Clover Retribution and Where Can I Play it?

Clover Retribution is a Roblox game that is based on Black Clover. Want to learn more? Visit the official Roblox page! Delve into the world of Black Clover in this Roblox experience. Never heard of the franchise? Well, Black Clover is an extremely popular manga and anime series that is loved by many.

Combine Black Clover with Roblox, and you get Clover Retribution! In this game, you get to wield your very own grimoire (like in the show!) and blast your opponents with a variety of magical spells.

Work through an abundance of quests to help your character level up and always remember to upgrade your equipment!

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