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Clover Retribution Magic Tier List

This Clover Retribution Magic tier list ranks every magic type in the game from S-tier to D-tier! While there are other things to rank in the Roblox game inspired by the Black Clover franchise, this tier list specifically focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of each magical ability, so you know which Clover Retribution Magic is best!

Clover Retribution is a Roblox game that is largely based on the Black Clover anime and manga series. Unlock your own grimoire, utilise a range of magical powers, and find yourself immersed in the inspired world.

Check out the game’s official Roblox page to find out more about the game… and to try it out for yourself! We also have some other great tier lists for you to try out, such as our Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage Tier List and our Taimanin RPG Tier List.

Clover Retribution Magic Tier List

If you’re new to tier lists, let me quickly explain. S tier is the very best, A tier is still really good, B tier is out average! C tier is more beginner-friendly, and D tier should be avoided. In tier lists, try and go for the ones ranked in S, A, and B tiers. Tier lists are just our recommendation though, so if you disagree that’s okay! Feel free to let us know your opinion. Now that’s out of the way, lets rank!

  • S Tier: World Tree, Lightning
  • A Tier: Void
  • B Tier: Slime, Wind, Healing
  • C Tier: Fire, Melody
  • D Tier: Nothing here right now!

Magic Type Rarities

Rarities play a big part in where each magical ability is ranked. The rarer the magic type, the better they are!

  • Common Magic: Melody, Healing
  • Uncommon Magic: Wind
  • Rare Magic: Fire, Slime
  • Epic Magic: Lightning
  • Legendary Magic: Void
  • Mythic Magic: World Tree


We always review tier lists to make sure you stay in the loop – so make sure you check back every so often, especially if there has been an update on the game!