feature image for our clusterduck breeding guide, the image features the game's logo as well as the hole from the game which is surrounded by lots of ducks

Clusterduck Guide – How to Breed and Breeding Chart

On the hunt for a Clusterduck guide on how to breed? We’re here to help! Use this guide during the breeding process as you try to fill out your Duck Grimoire with an abundance of unique ducks. We’ve also included our tips and tricks to make your job easier!

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Clusterduck Guide – Breeding

  • The rarer an egg is, the longer it’ll take to hatch
  • Keep an eye on the Ducktionary to see which duck parts you’ve collected so far – you’ll be collecting bodies, wings, and heads
  • There’s a ton of ducks to breed by mixing and matching different parts
  • There are common, rare, epic, legendary, and exotic mutations
  • Mutations are completely random during the hatching process
  • You can only have 25 ducks at a time in your main area

How to Breed

  • Your first goal for breeding a specific duck is to try your best to get all 3 parts of a parent duck
  • Make sure you keep the ducks who have the parts you need, and discard those who do not
  • Focus on getting ducks who have 2 of the 3 parts (Head + Body, Wings + Body, Head + Wings)
  • Clone/breed the ducks who have at least 2 of the 3 parts
  • Breeding 2 ducks with 2 of the duck parts together

Clusterduck Guide – Breeding Tips

  • The Inter-Dimensional Lamp is one of the best upgrades to get
  • Purple eggs can be saved for later
  • Watch ads to hatch your eggs straight away
  • Drop common ducks down the hole as soon as possible (this will make room for rare ducks!)
  • Keeping ducks with a rarity of epic or higher will increase your chances of unlocking additional rare mutations

Clusterduck Ducks List

There’s a variety of ducks to breed in Clusterduck, but what are their names?

Ducky Ducks

  • Protoduck, Longbill, Boxybill, Fivehead, Grinner, Reversies, Copilot, Bottom Feeder, Nested

Neighborhood Ducks

  • Beanie, Skater, Dave, Ruffles, Styles, Afro, Geek, Blondie, Tulip

Wrong Species

  • Battie, Sharkie, Fishie, Tentagoose, Honk, Crawlie, Froggie, Kittie, Horsie

Myths and Legends

  • Duck Ness, Ducklops, Dave, Son of Duckerberus, Duckotaur, Meducksa, Earthduck, Duckragon, Ckthudu

Duck Dimension

  • Time Warrior, Doomsduck, Mastermind, Blok, Beyonduck, Avian Intercept, Duckbot, ?*# &@, [o]


  • Mummy, Feathenstein, Deeplurk, Omnibreak, The Mace, Liquiduck, Biogizzard, Scramblebrain, Razorbill

Dark Wings

  • Goth, Spike, Mafia, Count Quack, Shadow, Witness, Warluck, Dark Lord, The Baron


  • Racer, Boxer, Ductor, Clown, Jetstream, Sgt. Waddles, Firequacker, Chef’d Kiss, Bill Durr

Duck Ages

  • Prince, Queen, King, Axe Duck, Sword Duck, Knight, Great Knight, Wizard, Rogue

Pirates vs Ninjas

  • Featherhook, Daggerbill, Dave, Quackbeard, Moonblade, Shadowbill, Ronin, Nunducku, Gusoku


  • Sprout, Mittens, Flower, Puppers, Bee, Candy, In-Bread, Duckling, Fairy

You can download Clusterduck on the App Store, and Google Play!