‘Codemancer’ Is an Educational Fantasy Game That Introduces Kids to the Magic of Code


One morning, when Aurora Li was off to her first day at the Lovelace Academy — wherein aspiring young mages are instructed on the use of familiars — a horrible disaster took place. As she was at school selecting the familiar to whom she’d be bonded for the rest of her life, an evil and powerful wizard — whom not much was known about — showed up and absconded off with her father. Now the young girl — whom had previously been of an entitled temperament — must grow up fast if she is to save both her family and the world, and in order to do that she’s going to have become a master Codemancer.

19c78003c2113ec7220da9bbdb5cea28_largeCoincidentally, the art of Codemancery — which is the means through which one instructs their familiar via runes — just so happens to greatly resemble the real world art of computer programming. Actually, this is no coincidence at all since Robert Lockhart — the visionary behind the concept for Codemancer — has been deliberately designing his game to serve as a fun and educational introduction into the complex world of programming. By slowly adding more runes over time — including those equivalent to variables, conditionals, and functions — Codemancer will eventually introduce players to all of the same content covered by a 101 level college course, except in a more accessible setting.

Having already dedicated more than a year of his life towards his vision, Robert Lockhart has sworn that he will be seeing Codemancer through to completion no matter what may happen. All the same, he realizes that the project could be finished far sooner — and with greater presentational polish — if only he had the proper development funds needed in order to exclusively focus himself upon the game. To this end he has petitioned Kickstarter for $12,000, which is the amount he believes will be required to fully take Codemancer — whose game engine has already been finished — to market by July 2015.

d5e149c0f17b8797efc27072a6b4fb20_largeAlthough Robert Lockhart plans to make his game either way, those whom help him realize this vision much sooner — via a pledge of $20 — will earn a launch day copy of Codemancer upon every available platform (which includes iOS). Meanwhile — for those whom donate beyond $20 — some of the higher tier rewards include: digital art books and soundtracks, additional copies of the game, and even the chance to help design an enemy. However — for those most fully dedicated to furthering education — Robert Lockhart has the most epic of all rewards planned: having your actual likeness rendered in game as a wizard whom helps instruct Aurora on how to use runes, assuming you donate $1,500!

That said — even though Codemancer has already secured nearly half its asking total, all within just the first two days — there is still much work to be done, so be sure to chip in your support by May 28th if you want to see Robert Lockhart’s vision become a reality.