The Recently Kickstarted ‘COLORTHESIA’ Could Be the Funnest Eye Exam You’ll Ever Take


Did you know that one out of every eight men already suffer from color blindness, but furthermore that one’s ability to properly perceive colors can actually degrade over time? Danny Nanni — whom was simultaneously both horrified and intrigued by this knowledge — decided to create a fast-paced game with which to test people’s visual acuity, and possibly alert players to developing issues while there was still time. At the start of each round a solid patch of color will be flashed upon the screen for a solid three seconds, afterwards you’ll be shown nine color blotches and asked to select the proper match.

However — in order to both up the ante, and furthermore ensure that Colorthesia is a fun challenge for everyone — Danny Nanni made it so that all of the available options would each come inside a different shape. While a very little known fact to most people, it has long been well known — amongst established artists — that the shape of a color can actually modify how the human mind perceives its hue. Using this fact — coupled with the knowledge of how different shapes can create larger amounts of perceived shift — Danny was able to include multiple skills level, giving players something to work up towards.

However — with Colorthesia already 90% finished — Danny eventually ran into two different problems: firstly, he needed to hire a beta-tester to help him iron any kinks out of the game; and secondly, iTunes will only permit submissions sent while using a Mac. It was to these ends that Danny recently approached Kickstarter seeking $1,300 in additional developments funds, and Kickstarter in turn responded by providing more than that within the project’s first twenty days. There is — however — still time remaining for anyone hoping to help fund Danny’s plans, and furthermore appear in the game’s credits — receive a Colorthesia T-Shirt — or even obtain lifetime access to all future game projects.

That said, those seeking to help Danny Nanni realize his plans for Colorthesia — a mixture of eye exam, coupled with fast paced game play — should be sure to chip in their lot by September 23rd, after which all the color will fade away from the project’s donate button.