The Game Bakers’ Critically Acclaimed Brawler ‘Combo Crew’ Goes Free


Having already impressed the heck out of us with Squids and its sequel Squids: Wild West, The Game Bakers cemented their position as one of iFanzine’s all-time favorite indie studios when they released Combo Crew back in May. In our review, we called the game “an excellent beat’em up for the iOS platform that manages to provide hours of endless fisticuff action,” and awarded it a near-perfect score.

Since then, Combo Crew has received numerous content-expanding updates, for example, one that added Viewtiful Joe and Another World‘s Lester Knight Chaykin as playable characters and another that saw a foursome of iconic Street Fighter characters join the Crew.

All of which is to say, if you haven’t picked up Combo Crew yet, you should definitely take advantage of the free promotion that The Game Bakers are running at the moment. Here’s the App Store link. (As ever, there’s no telling how long this offer is good for so it’s probably best not to dilly-dally about downloading.)