Help Kickstart ‘Combo Queen’, a Seriously Sweet Looking Hack ‘N Slash RPG

Alex Ergas — and his band of Californian based friends — have for a while now been hard at work on a game they called Combo Queen, a fast paced — combo driven — action based Hack ’n Slash RPG for mobile devices. In the game players take control of the lovely Queen — a cute, yet psychotic, killer — as she plows her way through an endless horde of giant enemies, all in the name of more loot and better gear. The game keeps all of this action moving with an intuitive timing-based input system, wherein tapping the screen — precisely in synch with the timing bar — is the key to both attacking and defending.

Each successfully timed strike during a player’s attack phase will keep their opponent staggered, helping to ensure that Queen’s attack combos reach their maximum duration (with the potential length being determined by factors such as gear and character level). Now although Queen is a powerful whirlwind of destruction — capable of obliterating entire armies — she has a physique that is best compared to glass, and will start out dying if even a single attack breaks through her defenses (over time gear can expand on this). To this end players must perform even more well-timed taps — this time with two fingers, instead of just one — in order to ensure that Queen blocks all incoming blows, thus putting very heavy emphasis on performing extra long combos that ensure your foes die quickly.

c4ae1b38987712dc683105ac320cce8c_largeOver time — which each successful strike and block — Queen will slowly fill up her Combo Burst Bar, a mighty tool that can be used to get Queen out of a jam whenever situations begin to look grim. Any time the player taps the screen with three fingers — assuming that their Combo Burst Bar is currently filled to the brim — they will unleash Queen’s ultimate fury, at which point she will instantly enter into an unstoppable super combo torrent. During this time, until the Combo Burt Bar drains completely, each and every tap on the screen will — without the need to follow a timing bar in the process — immediately become a successful strike, making it very important to choose wisely when to activate this skill.

Although the team at Tap My Game have all been working on Combo Queen for a while now, their funds — which were being used to both ensure that they could work full time on their game, as well as secure high quality artwork and music — had finally been exhausted. It was to this end that they recently approached Kickstarter with a request for $5,000 in development funds, all so that their team could stay fully focused on the game and try to push forward towards their planned launch date of December 2014. The Kickstarter community in turn responded by funding Combo Queen with nearly $2,000 in just the first eight days, but the battle isn’t over yet if Queen is to destroy every last giant alive!

Therefore, for everyone wanting to see the Queen succeed, a launch day iOS copy of Combo Queen — complete with complimentary full soundtrack download — can be secured for a pledge of just $15, or even for as little as $10 if one acts quickly while supplies last! Meanwhile — for those even more psychotically devoted to eradicating giants everywhere — Combo Queen’s expanded rewards include: early beta-access, having your name appear in the credits complete with pixel-portrait, the chance to help design a boss, and more! Either way — whether you intend to help the Queen out a little, or by a whole lot — it’ll be important to remember that you send in your pledges before November 1st arrives, else wise Tap My Games will be left with no well timed defense to their current lack of funds.