‘Combo Quest’ Is Apple’s Free App of the Week


If you ask me, Apple’s Free App of the Week picks have really been on point lately. I mean, they might not always be the biggest apps or games, but whoever is in charge of selecting them is doing a wonderful job of throwing the spotlight on interesting indie titles that the majority of people might otherwise overlook. The trend continues with the announcement of this week’s freebie: Tapinator’s charmingly retro-styled endless RPG Combo Quest.

Combo Quest, which would normally set you back $0.99, will be available totally free of charge for the next six days or so.

The folks at Tapinator dropped us an e-mail earlier today to let us know how thrilled they are at Combo Quest being chosen by Apple for the free promotion. They’re also delighted with the lovely write-up the App Store editors gave the game (see below).

Combo Quest is a delightful RPG that’s part infinite runner, part rhythm game. To make your way through a retro landscape packed with baddies, you’ll need to tap at just the right time to slash your foes and block their attacks. After each fight, you can choose how you upgrade your hero — will you increase your health or opt for a stronger attack? Whatever you pick, there’s no replacement for good timing, and the practice-makes-perfect gameplay will keep you coming back for more.

Download Combo Quest from the App Store.