‘Comic ConQuest’ Kickstarter Off to a Strong Start!


It was just a normal comic book convention – with average geeks in costume going about their business – when suddenly the mysterious villain, known only as The Hoarder, showed up and cast an arcane spell! Now everyone has been changed from just someone wearing a homemade cardboard costume, into the actual living embodiment – powers included – of whatever they were cosplaying as! Naturally all hell immediately breaks loose, meaning it’s time to engage in some gloriously violent tactical RPG action as you – and a team of allies – fight your way to freedom and sweet-sweet swag!

9729d3ae85f8c5c4bd221c2251e82767_largeThus goes the pitch for a game being designed by Jeff Matsuda, the Emmy Award winning artist best known for his producer credit on animated series such as The Batman and Jackie Chan Adventures. The coding itself will be handled by Free Lunch Design, a talented team of Swedish programmers that have proven their competency with over 70 already published games under their belt. The catch is that neither Jeff Matsuda – nor Free Lunch Design – have the excess cash needed to make this vision become a reality, and that’s where their Kickstarter project for Comic ConQuest comes in.

Anyways, that aforementioned swag your team is going to be scavenging for – and looting them from their fallen foes – is quite vital since your team’s freely mix-matchable outfits control many of their abilities. Currently the themes of costumes types included are Sci-Fi – Comic Book – and Fantasy, with more promised if Comic ConQuest manages to reach stretch goals beyond its minimum funding target: $20,000. The so far listed stretch goals promise the addition of Anime and Horror themed convention goers, as well as costume swag relevant to their interests, and even a level editor should the Kickstarter project do extremely well.

Even without the stretch goals being reached, the team has promised that Comic ConQuest will receive monthly updates that add new maps – movie trailers to watch (as it’s not a convention if you aren’t seeing promo reels) – new villains and more. Speaking of these opponents you will be fighting, they have also promised that the game – keeping in line with its geek warfare conceit – will even feature special battles that are won exclusively by displaying greater trivia prowess than your foe. All of this will be playable either by yourself – with a team of both NPCs, and famous real life cosplayers, that you recruited in-game – as well as online cooperatively with your friends.