Coming Soon: N.Y.Z., The Hero, Sonic 4 and More!

A round-up of the games that are on iFanzine’s radar

N.Y.Z. –  After over a year in development this forthcoming first-person zombie shooter looks set to take the Appstore by storm. The game boasts great graphics, a formidable list of weapons, a sprawling single player adventure and an intriguing endless mode.

In story mode you progress through over 20 totally unique levels — ranging from the streets of NY, to the subway system, highways, rural farmlands, mountains, forests, graveyards, and more — earning cash along the way by killing zombies and saving survivors. After each level you have a chance to buy and upgrade from over 20 weapons and abilities, equipping up to 6 at a time to bring with you into battle.

“We are shooting for a simple to play game so casual gamers can jump right in, with lots of depth in the usage of weapons,” said the developers. “Closest game I can think of that NYZ plays like is Battle Bears, only with a 360 degree view, more enemies, and more strategy.”

iFanzine reckons any game with big enough balls to bill itself as “the greatest zombie game for the iPhone” is bound to be something special. Foursaken Media, are aiming for an end of Febuary release. In the meantime feast your eyes on this tantalizing b-movie inspired trailer.

The Hero: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? …nope it’s side-scrolling super-hero send-up, The Hero. So get set to don your spandex and take to the skies and streets for some thrilling dust-ups with meteors, zombies, UFOs, ninjas and giant insects! Traplight Games’ tongue-in-cheek take on super hero mythology sounds like a winner, and apparently this amazing game is just about ready to swoop into action. Keep your eyes peeled.

Check out the hilarious footage below of  “John,” a washed up superman, reminiscing on his life of crime-fighting and gaze in awe at the brief flashes of explosive gameplay. Best.Trailer.Ever.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Or “Project Needlemouse” to give the game its (not exactly) cryptic working title, is widely rumoured to be spinning into the Appstore soon. While an iPhone/Touch version of Sonic 4 is yet to be officially confirmed by Sega, a hidden image on the game’s website reveals everybody’s favourite speedy, blue hedgehog is indeed on his way to iDevice.

Harking back to Sonic’s glory days, the game is a direct sequel to 1994’s Sonic & Knuckles and will feature a classic (2d) gameplay style. It will be available to download episodically later this year.

Robot Rampage: While The Hero sees you protecting a city and its inhabitants, Robot Rampage is the flip-side of that particular coin, letting you loose as a 50 foot tall killing machine that looks like something straight out a 1950’s sci-fi flick (or Beastie Boys video) causing as much urban chaos as possible. Sweet!

Please let us know what games your most looking forward to in the comments section below..!