Concept Art Corner: Jellyflug

Earlier this week we chatted with Jim Murray, studio lead of Troll inc, to learn more about their upcoming action/adventure Jellyflug. The Troll inc art team dreamt up weird and wonderful microbial landscapes for this title, so we pleaded to the germ gods for a behind-the-scenes look at their production process. Troll inc answered our prayers to the tune of around two dozen concept art pieces to share with our readers!

Populating the first three rows in the gallery below are before-and-after environment concepts, followed by fully colored background mockups. As an added bonus our gallery contracted various germs, or rather early design work for some Jellyflug microbes. Finally, here’s a nice montage of all the environment art that’s so massive we couldn’t even fit it into the gallery! Be sure to check out the game’s website and Facebook page for more art and screenshots, and here’s the Troll inc Twitter account for good measure.