Concept Art Corner: Terra Noctis, The Early Days

This collection of concept art for Terra Noctis Bulkypix just sent over depicts the game’s transition from a rough pen and ink doodle to the visually impressive retro-styled platformer that turned heads aplenty when it sprung onto the App Store last month.

The images in the gallery below capture environments, enemies, and the game’s cute central character at various different conceptual stages and show just how much time and effort went into planning every detail.

Bulkypix’s Arthur Demurger explains: “These screenshots date from the research period, which is when the game acquires its graphic identity. The hero’s personality is forming and the definitive name of the game is chosen: after copy right problems were raised, it was decided it wouldn’t be After Dark but Terra Noctis. That “problem” actually seems like a blessing in disguise now, since the new title brings more originality and mystery to this already wonderful game.”

Our thanks again to Arthur for sharing this collection of beautiful concept art with us. If these pics piqued your interest in Terra Noctis, be sure to check out our full review here (spoiler alert: we absolutely adored it!) or simply go ahead and download the game for a very reasonable 99¢ from the App Store.