Concept Art Corner: The Battlefields of Army Antz

T.K.O. Gamez recently unveiled their debut Real-Time Strategy title, Army Antz, via Kickstarter. We were immediately drawn to the polished battlefield renders and thus ended up with a studio interview you can read on the other side of the weekend! Equally impressive are the tons of environment concept art the studio lead was kind enough to send along, showing how the designs progressed from rough sketches to toon-shaded 3D environments. Click the first image of each row in the gallery below and press the right arrow button on the popup to see the step-by-step transformation before your very eyes! Scope out some character renders at the tail end.

We weren’t the only ones impressed by the Kickstarter images, by the way — may we suggest listening to some samples from T.K.O.’s new composer, Rich Douglas, while perusing this gallery?