Concept Art Corner: The Making of On5’s Spice Invaders

In celebration of Spice Invaders’ imminent release, On5 have just posted a lengthy “making of” article over on their official site which gives us a fascinating peek behind the scenes at the creation of this terrific-looking tower defense game.

According to On5, Spice Invaders was born of a desire to craft a tower defense title that is “both interesting and beautiful.” Based on what I’ve seen so far, job’s a good ‘un!

Work on the game originally got underway back in early 2010, which is when a lot of the hand-drawn sketches in the gallery below date from. Interestingly, On5 have pared concept art with pictures of the characters, enemies and environments we can expect to see in the finished game, allowing for side by side comparisons and an illuminating glimpse at how this studio’s artists go about spitballing new ideas. Anyhow, enjoy the amazing artwork! (Simply click or tap any of the thumbnails to enlarge-ify the images).

If these pics piqued your interest in the game, I definitely urge you to make a beeline for On5’s blog and check out the “making of” post in its entirety. Trust me, it’s well worth a read — the folks at On5 go into a lot more detail about everything from painstakingly designing the perfect icon for their game to how they found working with a major publisher like Chillingo on this project.

Our thanks to Anthony from On5 for the news tip!

Spice Invaders is being published by Chillingo and is due to land on the App Store tomorrow.