Concept Art Corner: The Metamorphosis of Gorilla Gondola

Unlike a butterfly, Electric Pixel Factory’s Gorilla Gondola was beautiful from day one — in our humble opinion at any rate! EPF just sent along a boatload of concept art that shows the staggering amount of detail added to each of the game’s stages from first painting to final product. In addition to the eight levels that made it into the final game, the devs sent us background art for a tropical level that looks like it got pretty far before falling on the cutting room floor. Our guess is it may have been replaced by the reef level, because there’s lots more fun stuff that can happen underwater than above.

You totally need to listen to each level’s music while perusing these, so here’s some timed links to EPF’s soundtrack reel on YouTube: “Alpine“; “Crystal Cave“; “Sunset Peak“; “Neon City“; “Reef“; “Desert“; “Orbital“; “Factory.” And don’t forget our huge interview with the developers, where you can find out more about Gorilla Gondola’s development history!

Big thanks to Dean at Electric Pixel Factory for digging these out of the team’s production materials for us. A freshly-updated and improved Gorilla Gondola is currently going for $1.99 USD on the App Store. EPF is clearly an indie studio to keep an eye on, and you can do so via their website, Facebook page and Twitter account.