‘Agario’ Inspired Arcade Game ‘Condense’ Is Making a Big Bang on Kickstarter


ValenceOne recently announced their plans to release a game similar to Agar.io, yet with their premise involving atoms — rather than cells — endlessly consuming each other across an entire cosmos. Players begin life as a very special atom that must constantly consume mass, or else it will expire, and this must be successfully done while additionally avoiding other entities that would seek to consume the player’s atom. Eventually — after consuming enough mass — players will hit a cap point where they can’t expand any further, after which players will have to use the game’s titular Condense function.

A condensed mass will become smaller, but at the same time it will also ascend to the next plane of cosmic existence: rock, asteroid, planet, solar system, nebula, black hole, galaxy. When the huge galaxy finally discovers that it can’t grow anymore — and uses the condense function — something special happens: the big bang itself, which sets the player back to an atom and places them in a new randomly created universe. Once the universe has reset the game will becoming more challenging, testing players to see just how many times they can achieve a big bang before their plucky atom finally bites the dust.


ValenceOne additionally intends for Condense to feature a moody soundtrack, aimed to heighten the concept of drifting eternally alone across the vastly empty expanses of outer space. However — in order to afford the cost of completing their game’s assets, as well as finishing up development — ValenceOne recently approached Kickstarter with a request for $1,000 in development funds, which has already been secured with 17 days to spare. Although the big bang is now guaranteed, those still intrigued by ValenceOne’s plans have until July 24th — should they wish to join in on the galactic-action — to donate their monetary mass towards Condense’s fundraiser.

Currently — for a donation of just $5 — users will be able to secure a special ad-free edition of Condense for either Mac, PC, or Android (although the game will also be launching on the iOS, iTunes makes it largely impossible to distribute special editions of software). Meanwhile — for those whom donate beyond that — further rewards include: digital soundtrack downloads, being mentioned in Condense’s credits, physical signed posters, the official backer t-shirt, and much more! Finally — should you happen to have an extra $100 lying around, which some of you might actually have — you will be forever immortalized as an honorary producer, as well as receive a mysterious bonus prize.