Conquest of Empires II poster featuring the Romans and the Chinese.

Conquest of Empires II Releases on App Store

Conquest of Empires II has been released on the App Store and is now offering early access to players worldwide.

The epic war strategy game is set against a backdrop of historical events and authentic real-world maps. Players can choose from four great civilizations – Rome, China, Egypt, and Persia – to embark on their own legendary journey while enjoying the thrill of strategic conflict.

About Conquest of Empires II

As players explore a vast world across seven continents. You get to experience the struggle and rise of ancient civilizations first-hand through competition and cooperation. They strategize in battles using their wisdom and problem-solving skills to siege, conquer, and emerge victorious.

Conquest of Empires II allows players to discover new territories, recruit soldiers, and lead armies. That’s not all, however, you can even train heroes, build military units, deploy troops, develop diplomacy, and forge alliances. The game features significant improvements compared to its predecessor, Conquest of Empire.

It has undergone a complete visual overhaul, with each hero being meticulously redesigned to now feature more detailed full-screen portraits. Additionally, the game introduces a brand-new feature called Royal Recruitment Decree. Players can instantly recruit several heroes into their army at once by completing challenges involving famous generals.

Heroes can even be left on automatic mode for 24 hours at a time to gain experience, resources, equipment, skill cards, and unit cards as rewards. Completing the challenges involving famous generals enhances these rewards as well!

Extraordinary Civilizations

Conquest of Empires II features the rich history of four great ancient civilizations.

Glorious Rome. Return to the mighty Roman Empire to lead brave warriors in battle and establish a glorious civilization that paved the way for legacies.

Prosperous China. Serve as the head of the powerful Han Dynasty, whose warriors were invincible and whose technological inventions were pathbreaking.

Mysterious Egypt. Experience the rich culture of one of the oldest civilizations in the world as you use your influence to control the military and sustain your land.

Soaring Persia. Revive the expanse and glory of the Persian Civilization that once spanned three continents, namely Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Fascinating Gameplay

In an official statement, video game developers Snail Games Japan insisted on fair competition and no VIP privileges. They also said that they have discarded competition solely based on numbers.

What Conquest of Empires II really tests is your strategic intelligence and ability to engage in teamwork. With substantial rewards and challenges, the game is appealing to novices and veterans alike. You can follow the game’s socials on Facebook and X for live updates.

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