The featured image for our Cook Burgers Roblox secrets guide, featuring a waiter serving a man a burger in a burger restaurant.

Cook Burgers Roblox Secrets

Did you know there’s a few secrets/easter eggs on Cook Burgers? In this guide, we aim to reveal all of the Cook Burgers Roblox secrets for the popular Roblox game. We’ll cover anything from the secret room, all the way to the legend of Jerry.

Cook Burgers is a burger simulator game on the popular gaming platform Roblox. The game is available through the Roblox app on Android and iOS. Learn more about the game by checking it out on Roblox. If you’re looking for more Roblox guides, check out our Pilgrammed guide, YBA tier list, as well as our Critical Legends tier list.

Cook Burgers Roblox Secrets

We’ll now crack on with the guide at hand. We’ll split the guide up into a few different sections, giving each secret it’s own sub-heading.

Secret Room

Cook Burgers has it’s own secret room! Inside, you’ll find the Debug Burger and a Mysterious Box. Each have almost zero uses (except for the fact you can feed the Debug Burger to a customer), but hey – it’s pretty cool you found them, right?

You can find the secret room through the sewers. Enter, and go down near where the plank bridge is. You’ll be faced with a wall, but it’s actually the secret room entrance! You can walk through it, as it’s a fake wall, bringing you into the secret room.


If you’ve been playing Cook Burgers for a while, then you’ll remember Jerry, the strange humanoid creature that was constantly sticking it’s arms out. Unfortunately, Jerry was removed a few updates ago, but it’s not stopped him from leaving an imprint on the Cook Burgers lore.

Among Us Reference

If you’re an Among Us fan, then this Cook Burgers Roblox secret will please you. In the game, if you go to the building that has the turtle, you’ll find 5 Among Us crew members sitting around a table for an emergency meeting.

It doesn’t do anything for the game overall, but it’s a cool reference!

Secret Area

Similar to the secret room, there’s a secret area that can be found in Cook Burgers. The secret area is filled with a variety of game development assets, past and future!

The secret area is found just outside of the map. You can get there by glitching outside of the map in a few different ways. A popular method is to item hop onto the roof of the beach, away from the ship. Push yourself through the small gaps, and you’ll find yourself there.

Computer Rat

There’s a sneaky little rat that sometimes appears by the computer. You can’t grab it, and it doesn’t always appear, so you’ve got to be quick!

You can find the rat by using the item hop glitch to leave the map. Head towards the secret area, and then towards where the truck is seen after you order food.

About The Game

Cook Burgers is exactly what is says on the tin. It’s a Roblox game where you’ll cook burgers for your customers. Work in a restaurant, or manage one, cooking and serving burgers for hungry customers.