Poster featuring the various characters from Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom Update! Players Yay Event Epilogue, Nay Paywall!

Cookie Run: Kingdom is paywalling the epilogue of its newest event, titled Holiday Express (Chapter 5: To the Final Stop) + Epilogue.

In the concluding chapter, players discover what appears to be Old Jolly’s candy cane is actually a holiday tree ornament! They learn that Royal Bear Jelly melted the ice cream cake inside the candy cane to hide this fact. He does so to hide the real candy cane after stirring up some trouble first.

So What’s The (Cookie) Crumble?

Players are more upset than excited about the recent revelation! Despite its raging popularity, Cookie Run: Kingdom has fallen prey to the pay-to-win trap. With no game modes or characters locked behind a paywall, the free-to-play Kingdom Builder RPG encourages players to make in-app purchases. Fans who can afford to make these purchases regularly get a certain edge over those who can’t.

Otherwise, Cookie Run: Kingdom is known for its huge cast of colourful characters with unique abilities. It requires players to build dominions and lead a team of cookie characters on an adventure to defeat evil enemy slimes.

The mobile game combines base-building elements with real-time combat. With colourful graphics, it features familiar gameplay where players inevitably run out of crucial resources that are necessary to maintain and expand their kingdoms.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Redemption!

However, not all players may be willing to shell out real hard-earned cash for these virtual items. So, the game’s makers frequently release redeem codes that offer the entire community a wide variety of premium resources. These codes are essential for redeeming important rewards, like tickets, crystals, horns, rainbow cubes, sugar gnomes, and tower keys. They simply offer a free number of these items for the player to move forward.

The rewards are sure to give you a massive boost in the game but the codes have an expiry date and can be redeemed only once. Don’t expect any luck if you input the same code over and over again. If you try to redeem the expired codes repeatedly, it can lead to disciplinary action against your Cookie Run: Kingdom account.

Watch the trailer for the game’s latest event – Holiday Express (Chapter 5: To the Final Stop) + Epilogue!

Cookie Run: Kingdom released in January 2021. Since then, its Korean developer Devsisters has presented players with several redeem codes as part of the team’s celebration of important milestones. Not this time though. This celebration has brought a slight outcry from players as once again important segments of the game events are locked behind paywalls!

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