CookieRun: Kingdom Update

CookieRun: Kingdom Update 4.16 Dropping On January 6th

Yay, it’s more cookie time! CookieRun: Kingdom Update 4.16 is dropping tomorrow, that’s on January 6th, 2024. Called ‘Dawn of the Dragon,’ since the year 2024 is the year of dragon according to the Chinese calendar. So, what’s new in version 4.16? Dive in to know!

Celebrate The Year Of The Dragon

This update is all about celebrating the Year of the Dragon, just like the Chinese traditions. So, there’s a new cookie in the house, the Rebel Cookie. This sneaky cookie takes the front spot and comes with a skill called ‘Here, There, Everywhere!’ It’s a quirky move that lowers the foes’ DEF, making them more vulnerable to all sorts of damage.

And, Rebel Cookie is a strategic cookie too! It boosts allies’ CRIT% and throws in an HP Shield that soaks up damage based on what’s dealt. After using the skill, Rebel Cookie sends out two decoys to shove the foes backwards while the cookie itself becomes resistant to interruption effects briefly.

New Features And Events

CookieRun: Kingdom Update is adding some permanent game features, like new Magic Candies for specific cookies. Pinecone Cookie’s Snowy Forest Candy amps up DEF, DMG Resist, and ATK SPD debuff Resist when on the Tree Golem. Cream Unicorn Cookie’s Magic Candy is getting Dreamy Blue Flame. It dishes out damage to foes, causing Burn, and heals allies simultaneously.

On the other hand, Financier Cookie’s Magic Candy has Paladin’s Devotion. This skill shields a chosen team member, boosting DMG Resist, CRIT Resist, and giving Debuff Immunity. Financier Cookie also heals the whole team based on a chunk of her DEF while beefing up DMG Resist.

Meanwhile, Captain Caviar Cookie’s upgraded Magic Candy has got Black Shark Torpedo Mk.2. It lets him release better torpedoes targeting the nearest foes. CookieRun: Kingdom Update 4.16 will roll out some limited events, like Magic Candies Galore. It lets you upgrade Magic Candies up to 10 times using Magic Laboratory speed-up buffs and other ingredients.

Another event, the Lucky Pouches lets you snag awesome goodies at just 500 points.  And for some extra content, the Lost Golden City and the Goddess of Eternal Gold albums are now in the Kingdom’s Music Hall. So, get the game from the App Store and gear up for this massive update.

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