Help Kickstart Hive Studio’s aMAZEing Memory Based Puzzler ‘Cops & Thugs… at Night!’


Everything is ready, you’ve been surveying the planned heist all day long and have memorized where everything is — hopefully — but now that final hour has come and there’s just one problem: it’s pitch black everywhere, and you can’t see anything at all! Thus goes the premise to Cops & Thugs… at Night!, the first major game project by Albert Castro and Damia Ferrer — collectively known as Hive Studio — for iOS and Android. In their upcoming game you must navigate through various mazes — all from memory — while trying to avoid bumping into every wall and trap along the way, hopefully all while managing to snag some of that valuable lucre you came searching for in the first place.

Although they’ve been working on Cops & Thugs for over two years now — between other actually paying jobs — the duo now realizes that they’ve finally hit the point where, in order to truly finish their game, they desperately need to fully batten down the hatches. It is for this reason that Albert Castro and Damia Ferrer recently went to the collective Kickstarter community with a request for $10,000 (CAD) in development funds, all so that they might be able to launch Cops & Thugs by April 2015. With almost $4,000 so far secured — and a whopping 26 days still remaining — things are so far looking up at the moment, and yet there’s still much to be done if their caper is ever going to be pulled off!

Those not yet sure if they’re ready to help back this heist can currently sample a free browser based demonstration of how Cops & Thugs… at Night! will actually play, after which chipping in money if they should happen to like what they saw. Backer rewards currently available for Cops & Thugs include: digital wallpaper, beta tester access, a hidden in-game item with your name on it, the chance to design a level, and much more! However — should you now feel like engaging in some nighttime burgling as well — then be sure to send in your donations before January 26th rolls around, as that’s when the lights will forever go out on this stealthy Kickstarter.