Cornsweeper, A Subtle Version Of Minesweeper Is Hitting The Apple Arcade Soon

Remember Minesweeper? Every click is a challenge as you try not to hit the mines and make an explosion. Now, we’ll soon have a chill and whimsical version of the classic game with a Jamaican flair, called Cornsweeper. Set to release on January 4th on Apple Arcade, Cornsweeper is where detonations of popcorn happen instead of mines.

Developed by solo developer Robert Morrison Jr., Cornsweeper was initially set for release on April 28, 2023. However, there was a shift in the publisher from Morrison to wbuttr. This led to the game being temporarily withdrawn before its scheduled release to ensure alignment with the developer’s vision.

wbuttr (pronounced as wiTH buh tah) is a brand that sells apps, apparel and accessories rooted in Christian faith and Jamaican cultural tradition. They focus on story-driven, hand-crafted, illustrative designs. Now, with Cornsweeper, they are venturing into the gaming scene and have other games in the pipeline as well.

Pop The Corns!

Cornsweeper combines quirky visual aesthetics with the features of a classic. Just like Minesweeper, you pop delicious popcorn while skillfully avoiding explosions. The soundtrack of the game features a mix of relaxing lo-fi-inspired tunes with reggae infusions. You can also enjoy the unique experience of playing in Jamaican Patois, the local dialect.

Other features of Cornsweeper include creative twists in the gameplay, an unlockable and dynamic Arcade mode and a productivity companion in the form of an unlockable Pomodoro feature. The game also offers a toy-like sense of discovery with each bite, hidden clues and secrets to sleuth. You also get the option to buy cute and quirky items from The Stall.

During the launch, the game will have a total of 70 levels. So, grab the popcorn and have some fun while taking a journey down the nostalgic road. Check out the game from the App Store and grab it on the 4th! Also, check out our latest scoop on Yamato Takeru, the new Saber in Fate/Grand Order.