Featured image for Coromon. It shows different creatures from the game Coromon in vibrant colours. It has the Coromon logo on top in blue, grey and orange.

Coromon, the Pokemon alternative is coming to iOS on November 8th

Coromon is a cute game of the monster-taming JRPG genre by Freedom Games. Previously available on PC and Nintendo Switch, it’s all set to launch on mobile devices from November 8th. Sounds exciting, right? In this game, you will experience a vast amazing world filled with thrilling turn-based battles.

Specialties Of The Game

Coromon is a fun alternative to Pokemon. It’s a charming pixel-art game, full of interesting creatures and titanic bosses.

  • You have to tame 120+ Coromons, the cute creatures with different types of skills, and solve the brain-twisting puzzles to save the world from a mysterious threat.
  • Each species of the Coromon possesses different sets of skills and potentials. You can progress in the game using them to affect your opponent’s stamina and ultimately, damage them.
  • It has a compelling story of an aspiring researcher who works at the technologically advanced organization ‘Lux Solis’. As a player, you’ll be assigned to a specialized team called the Titan Taskforce to investigate the six Titans, known as Velua.
  • It has multiple save-slots and auto-save functionality.

Check out their official website to learn more about the game and its amazing features.

Coromon Vs Pokemon

Although resembling Pokemon, Coromon has its charm and charisma! We’ve narrowed down a few key differences between these two similar JRPG games below.

The game lets you choose your difficulty level while Pokemon has a single difficulty level. Coromon offers four difficulty levels, viz., Easy, Normal, Hard, and Insane.

As well as this, unlike Pokemon, which doesn’t come in variants, each Coromon has three different ‘shiny’ variants, called Standard, Potent, and Perfect.

Finally, Coromon allows you to adjust your stats as well! Whenever you gain a stat point, you can use it to increase their attributes. Whereas, to increase a Pokemon’s stats, the only choice you have is to level up.

Check Out Coromon!

So, go ahead and join in on all the fun and try out Coromon! It’ll be available on the App Store from November 8th. As of now, it’s a free-to-try game and you can unlock the full game at $4.99. Whilst you wait for the game to hit your phone, check out our authentic and honest OP: Captain And The Warlords Tier List (2023) to know who is best to use in your team.