the image shows the crafted page from jakes workshop of eclipse which is the craftable aura in sols rng

What Are The Crafted Auras Sols RNG? – Eclipse Showcase!

Unlucky with rolling and want to get auras a different way? Why not try Crafted Auras in Sols RNG? You can craft auras using easier-obtained auras, fusing them into cooler and rarer variants. My guide covers the auras you can craft, their recipe, and a little bit of lore about them!

Sols RNG is pleasantly simple yet somehow equally addictive. You roll for an aura, then roll again and hope for something better! This subtle gambling game lets you craft and explore a small island to get better luck in hopes of finding insanely rare auras!

You can check out Sols RNG over on Roblox. If you fancy trying something new we also have an Anime Clash Tier List.

Crafted Auras Sols RNG

Currently, there is only one craftable aura in Sols RNG, so at least you aren’t too behind! This aura is the Eclipse Aura which has a unique title display versus the auras you roll for. The Eclipse Aura is identified by its “Epic Crafted [Rarity: 30,000]” title above the Aura name.

This aura is firey orange with a black circular orb behind the player’s head mimicking what a real-life eclipse looks like. On the ground, as the player walks, there is a glowing orange circular pool of “fire” with a black external ring scorching.

How To Craft The Eclipse

Eclipse is crafted by Jake’s Workshop. You can’t miss it, this little brown shack has a red roof and says “Jake’s Workshop” across the front. Plus, it’s located to the left of spawn so you don’t have to go far.

Eclipse is the first craftable aura within Sols RNG, though definitely not the last! To craft this aura you will need:

  • 1x Solar Aura (1 in 5,000)
  • 1x Lunar Aura (1 in 5,000)
  • 1x Divinus (1 in 32)

Hint: Solar is an aura you can only obtain during daylight hours, whilst Lunar can only be found during nighttime. The exception to this is getting a breakthrough!

When Will More Crafted Auras Be Added?

Considering I’m not the DEVs I can’t say! I know for certain that Eclipse isn’t the only crafted aura, however, so please bookmark this page and check back soon for updates! I’ll be sure to include a master list of all the crafted auras over time so you are always up to date and never miss out.