Crash Drive 3 is a Bonkers Arcade Blast, Out Now for iOS

Some games take themselves seriously. Some games encourage you to pull off back flips in a super car. Crash Drive 3 is definitely the second of those, and it’s just been launched on the App Store. Is it worth checking out? Read on to discover the answer to that question.

Yes. Yes it is. It’s a big chunk of vehicular silliness that sees you driving around massive, open maps like a lunatic. And there are other people doing it at the same time as well, which makes things even more silly and even more fun.

There’s an offline mode as well, so you don’t have to drive with other people, and everything you earn is usable in both modes, which is nice. Here’s a trailer.

The game is an awful lot of fun, and whether you’re trying to complete the challenges or just driving round finding things to jump off, you’re going to be doing it with a smile on your face. You can drive in space, in the wild west and in a bunch of other locales.

There are loads of cars and customization options to unlock, and the whole thing barrels along without a care for boring things like your axles breaking or your brakes overheating. Which is lovely, all told.

You can click here to download Crash Drive 3 from the App Store right this second. The free version is ad-supported, but you can splurge on an IAP to get rid of them, or you can spend your cash on in-game cash to get stuff quicker.