Featured Image for Crash Fever. It features multiple characters from the game in their vibrant colourful outfits and equally vibrant long hair.

RPG? No, Rip Crash Fever. Players Say Goodbye To Its Global Release

Some games are good, some games are bad and some are amazing. Crash Fever, according to me, falls in between the good and bad categories. Even though it has issues, it offers good content, unique gachas and obviously, fun panel crashes. Unfortunately, the creators of the game are pulling the plug for their global audience. However, it will still be up and running in Japan. Keep reading to know more.

Why Is It Shutting Down?

Crash Fever announced the shutdown on their official global FB account today. Despite a decent 4.5-star rating in the App Store, the team feel that they have not been able to offer a satisfactory service to the global gamers. And I won’t disagree with that. You might encounter numerous crashes while playing. It failed to match up to the gameplay expectations but it did manage to match up to its name, Crash Fever!

Jokes aside, a lot of gamers also increasingly became wary of the game power creeping too much. It failed to keep up with challenging players for a new and exciting gameplay. It has long loading times and consumes excessive time while farming even decent units:

The Crash Fever Global service will cease on December 21. So, there are still a couple of days left for you to try out the game. Download it from the App Store now and try it out.

More About The Crash Fever

It’s a pretty straightforward anime-inspired RPG. All you need to do is attack your foes using a chain of coloured panels. It offers both single-player and multiplayer modes where you can play with up to three other players. It’s a free-to-play game with in-game purchases. However, the sale of all in-game items has been stopped from today. Anyway, the gaming world never stops. While one gig is wrapping up, another is gearing up to kick off. Check out our news on Please, Touch The Artwork 2, which is launching soon on iOS.