Crashy Cats is an Adorable, Destructive Auto-Runner

Everyone knows that cats love to break things. And everyone knows that they get away with it because they’re adorable. Crashy Cats is a game built around that idea and it does it really rather well.

You’re in control of a posse of pussies. You start off with a single feline smasher, but you’ll find more as you sprint through rooms, destroying everything and anything while you’re at it. Different rooms have different themes – in the medieval room for example you’re trashing swords, dragon skulls and flickering candles.

There are plenty of other twists too. Rainbow boosts pads send you flying through the air, you can bounce on balloons and the heads of barking dogs, and special cakes float through the air begging you to catch them.

Get enough cakes and you’ll enter a special level where you’re flying through space. Here you’ll be collecting coins and smashing asteroids and satellites. And you’ll be doing it all with a big grin on your face.

There are cat costumes to unlock, regular missions to complete and much, much more. Crashy Cats is one of those games that always gives you something to do, and you’ll often find one go turning into several.

If any of that has got your whiskers twitching you can click here to download Crashy Cats from the App Store. Already played the game? Want to share your opinion? Well make sure you do in the comments section below.