Crazy Bomberman-like Ponpu On Sale for 99c

There have been plenty of games in recent years that have borrowed the shape of classic games and built something intriguing on top of it. Ponpu is one of those, taking its inspiration from Bomberman and putting together a frantic, fun arcade blast. And right now it’s on sale for just 99c.

The game sees you playing as a duck, running around maze-like levels, dropping explosive eggs and trying to survive. There are enemies to fight, puzzles to solve and an awful lot more besides. And it’s all presented in awesome hand-drawn graphics.

There are also massive boss battles that are going to test you to the limit. Which is pretty much the best place to get tested to. Here’s a trailer to give you an idea of what to expect if you do decide to download Ponpu.

The game also features Bluetooth controller support, so you can play with buttons instead of using the touchscreen if that’s something you’re into.

You can click here to download Ponpu from the App Store. Where normally it’d set you back $1.99, right now you’ll only be paying 99c. Imagine all of the cool stuff you could do with the dollar you just saved. Imagine it.