Crime-Fighting Blaster JYDGE is Currently On Sale

10Tons has something of a reputation for making the finest top-down shooters. They’re often hard, manic and full of interesting ideas. And right now JYDGE, one of the dev’s finest efforts, is on sale for less than a buck.

Set in a neon-stained cyberpunk future, the game takes its inspiration from the likes of Judge Dredd and Robocop. You’re a cybernetically augmented lawman with a massive hand-cannon and it’s up to you to clean up some very, very dirty streets.

There are literally billions of different combinations when it comes to equipping your Jydge with guns, armor and other bits of kit, and you can change them to suit your own style of play. When you’re happy with your build, go and murder some criminals.

There’s plenty to do in JYDGE, and every level offers its own challenges. You can’t just burst in, all guns blazing and think you’re going to survive. You need to fight smart, pick your moments and get out alive.

And right now you can pick up all of this neo-fascist goodness for the low, low price of 99c. Considering JYDGE usually costs $8.99, that’s a bit of a mega bargain. Click here to download JYDGE from the App Store right now.