‘Crossy Road’ Crosses Over with ‘Monument Valley’ in New Update

The worlds of Monument Valley and Crossy Road have collided in the latest update to the latter. That’s right folks, as of today, you can play Crossy Road using Monument Valley characters — like Princess Ida, one of the crows, and The Storyteller — while oohing and ahhing over a new level that features distinctively topsy-turvy towers and stairways and a very Ustwo-esque color palette (as seen above).

We absolutely adore both these games here at iFanzine, so this news makes us very, very happy indeed. In fact, don’t expect any more new posts from your’s truly this evening, because I’ll probably be too busy trying to beat my Crossy Road high-score!

Before I go do that though, here’s a little more info on the update: it adds nine new characters in total, including those mentioned above, as well as characters from recently released indie hits Shooty Skies and Land SlidersThey can be bought for 99¢ a apiece, or unlocked by playing the in-game lottery. There’s also a top-secret hidden character to be found (spoiler alert: it’s the Totem from Monument Valley). To unlock Totem, you’ll need to follow a very specific set of instructions, which can be found at the link below.

Source: GameMob