‘Crossy Road’ Meets ‘Zelda’ in the Upcoming ‘Skeletomb’

Desert 2 (Tablet Wide)

Is Crossy Road the new Angry Birds? Judging by our email inbox, I’d say yes. It used to be inundated with press releases and review requests for all sorts of Angry Birds wannabes on pretty much a daily basis, but lately we’re not getting so many. What we are seeing instead, though, is a serious uptick in announcements of new Crossy Road-influenced games.

One such title that has caught my attention is an upcoming endless runner-cum-dungeon crawler called Skeletomb, which is being billed by its creators — 2-man indie studio Punk Labs — as “Crossy Road meets Zelda.”

Unlike with some of these me-too type games that spring up in the wake of any major iOS success, it would seem a lot of effort has been put into ensuring that Skeletomb is a fun experience in its own right. Based on the below trailer, gameplay looks to be fast-paced, varied and challenging — and those 8-bit style visuals are to die for! Punk Labs also promise fun stuff like tons of treasures and playable characters to unlock and randomly generated stages, so no two playthroughs will ever be the same.

If Skeletomb sounds like your kind of thing, the good news is you won’t have to wait very long to check it out — the game hits both the iOS App Store and Google Play for FREE this Friday, September 25th.