Crowd City

Crowd City Beginner’s Guide: How to Make the Biggest Crowd

Crowd City is a crazy addictive arena battler in which you have to create the largest crowd possible. You’ll run around collecting civilians to join your coloured crew while enemies are trying to do the same.

If you have a bigger crowd than an enemy player, you can attempt to steal them. Or, you can just safely pick your way around the edges of the arena picking up randoms until you have a huge stealthy mob.

Either way, the player that creates the biggest crowd is the winner. We’re going to help you achieve just that with the following beginner’s guide.

Crowd City Beginner’s Guide:

  • Crowd City is an .io game like any other: Don’t be fooled. While Crowd City might not look like a traditional .io game, it really is one. If you treat it as such, you’ll have a much easier time.
  • Numbers game: Crowd City is all about the numbers. As you collect a crowd, you’ll be able to see visibly how many members are in it. The same goes for enemy players, so if you see a smaller crowd than you, chase them down and steal their numbers.
  • Edge around the arena to begin with: At the beginning, we recommend edging around the area to grab as many random civilians as you can. Huge crowds tend to swarm in the middle, so you’ll be relatively safe in the middle.
  • Go on the offensive in the mid-game: If you’ve played it safe, you should have big enough numbers to go on the offensive as the game matures. This is pretty much essential if you plan on winning, as you’ll need to crush the opposition.
  • Learn the layout: Don’t even worry about winning on your first few games though. Instead, just learn the layout of the level so you always know where to go to escape, and where the players tend to congregate.
  • Chase a player down until they’re done: Don’t even let one crowd member escape during a battle. That just gives them a chance to come back and defeat you later. Hunt them down until they’re done.
  • Never stop gathering: Never feel like you’ve done enough to win. Even if there are just a few seconds left of a battle, stay on the offensive. Grab randoms even – just make sure to keep growing so you stand the highest chance of winning.