Crying Suns is On Sale for the First Time Since its Release

Crying Suns is a game about exploring space. More specifically it’s about exploring the space vacated by a collapsing empire. It’s up to you to discover what happened and to try and avoid making the same mistakes again. And right now you can pick it up for cheaper than it’s ever been.

The game mixes ideas from some of the greatest sci-fi universes, folds in a good dollop of roguelites and chucks in a helping of strategy too. The end result is an intoxicating blend with an immersive story and a good deal of challenge too.

You’re playing the commander of a fleet, exploring a procedurally generated corner of the universe. There are scraps to be had, story chunks to unlock and much more to discover. Crying Suns is all about the mysteries of space, and it pretty much nails that.

But it’s also about the choices you have to make and what they say about the human condition. It’s tackling some pretty deep subjects about existence and that’s exactly the sort of thing we like to think about when we’re zooming around the cosmos.

Right now the game is on sale for $5.99, down from its usual price of $8.99. We’d recommend it at full price, but for three bucks off it’s an absolute bargain. Click here to download Crying Suns from the App Store right this second.