‘Crystal Arena’ Kickstarter Successfully Funded


Chinese developer Revobeing recently successfully closed their Kickstarter project to raise $12,000 in order to fund their massive RTS meets MOBA undertaking: Crystal Arena. Heavily based on concepts of Norse Mythology, Crystal Arena promises to let players take armies of monsters into battle – lead by an Einherjar – to save 9 distinct realms from the oncoming Ragnarök. For those not already intimate with Norse Mythology, the Einherjar were deceased warriors – taken to Valhalla upon their demise by the Valkyrie – whom train by eternally fighting each other to the death.

073e80a0e3163f715aa6a6ada658c03e_largeRevobeing has promised tons of strategic customization over which units you choose to amass for your army, how you level them up, and how you set up their initial battlefield placement. Your army – once the fighting begins – will automate themselves in their pursuit of your foes, leaving you remaining with complete control of your selected Einherjar for the battle. These Einherjar – of whom 10 will initially be available, with more coming later on – will each have four different abilities at the player’s disposal, and also one ultimate skill that must first be powered up.

Some of the already confirmed Einherjar include a knight, a wizard, an archer, a rabbit wearing boxing gloves, a cyborg animal with giant cannons strapped to its back, and a mad scientist. Of particular noteworthiness is that Mithos – from the highly successful RPG Kickstarter: Soul Saga – will be making an official guest appearance in Crystal Arena as a playable Einherjar. This will specifically be the appearance of Mithos from the project’s pitch, since he – and the rest of Soul Saga’s cast – were later redesigned under a different artist after the relevant Kickstarter ended.

While Crystal Arena is currently expected to arrive sometime around March 2014, those who want to know more – regarding the nine worlds, and the impending threat that endangers them – can check out Revobeing’s completely free comic.