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Cursed Sea Tier List – All Curses (Devil Fruits) Ranked!

Are you after a reliable Cursed Sea Tier List? If you’re wondering which curse to… curse yourself with, then this tier list will help you know the best from the worst.

You may think that each fruit- er, curse, follows a linear ranking path based on its rarity. But, this is not true! Some curses are hidden underdogs with huge potential whilst others have rarity status, but aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Check out Cursed Sea over on Roblox. I also crafted a Cursed Sea Races Guide if you want to know more about each species.

Cursed Sea Tier List

I’m a genuine player who also happens to love One Piece. That said, tiers are subjective due to their nature, so you still may disagree with these rankings. If that’s the case, I encourage you to bookmark this page and check back for updates. This tier list will shift and edit with new updates that add new fruits and change the properties of existing ones.


OP! These fruits boast massive potential for combat, combos and cursing. Well, not cursing but you get the idea. They’re powerful, versatile, and have the fewest drawbacks.

  • Light Curse
  • Sand Curse


Huge potential, just not the best. You could easily main one of these curses for the duration of your game.

  • Fire Curse
  • Barrier Curse
  • Snow Curse


Average fruits. If you grab one of these early-game then GG! They’re not ideal long-term but can hold you over for the time being.

  • Lightning Curse
  • Bomb Curse


Weak fruits, often falling short in combat. They have a few niche uses, but aren’t impressive or very threatening.

  • Spin Curse


More of a curse to have these curses than none at all. Would not recommend using these curses in any aspect of the game.

  • Invisible Curse
  • Weight Curse