Cyberpunk Arcade Blast Hyperforma is Cheaper Than Half Price

Hyperforma is one of those games that takes ideas from a whole bunch of different genres and then throws in its own ideas to create something unique and familiar at the same time. And right now it costs less than a couple of bucks.

The game sees you exploring the expanses of a futuristic cyberspace. The action is supported by an intriguing story about ancient, technologically advanced civilizations, and you’ll discover secrets as you play.

That play is all about breaking blocks. You need to smash the security around different computer systems, breaking into them to find out what’s inside. This is much more than a Breakout clone though, with a heap of neat concepts piled on to keep things interesting.

You can get a feel for the game by checking out the trailer we’ve embedded below. It’s certainly impressive looking, but it plays brilliantly too, which is really what you want from a game, right?

You’re manipulating the shapes you’re trying to smash, using and upgrading special power-ups to get an edge and much more besides. And right now you can pick up all of this gaming goodness for the low, low price of just $1.99.

Click here to grab Hyperforma from the App Store right this second. If you’re interested we’d suggest doing it quick, since the game won’t be on sale forever and you’re saving yourself a bundle off the usual asking price of $4.99.

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