Cyberpunk Visual Novel ‘Read Only Memories’ Gets a Release Date, New Trailer


Do you remember when we covered the Kickstarter for Midboss Games’ retro-slick looking Read Only Memories, a cyberpunk Visual Novel specifically paying homage to the look and play style of games such as Konami’s highly revered Snatcher. Well — if you did — then the wait is nearly over, for Midboss Games has announced that Read Only Memories will be available in just eight more days (and there’s even a new trailer). Sadly — as par with their Ouya “Free the Games” arrangement — the Android and iOS editions won’t be here for another six months, but at least mobile gamers will at long last know precisely when they can get their retro-futuristic cyberpunk detective groove on!

However — even if you are patiently holding out for Read Only Memories’ mobile edition — you can still check out a freely available two chapter demo, playable on all major PC operating systems, currently available over at Midboss Games’ website.